Dental Implants

What do the Dental Implants do?
Replace missing teeth. Support a complete denture, making it safer and more

comfortable. Support a fixed bridge, avoiding two problems: There will be no

need for a removable prosthesis, and no need to prepare neighboring teeth for

crowns. Can replace a single tooth, without altering neighboring teeth.

Stabilize teeth with mobility. Help mantain bone quality.

Could I benefit from a Dental Implant?
In almost every case patients can opt for Dental Implants.

Which are the disadventages?
Economics. Healing period may take some time (not always). Health reasons that

forbid Dental Implant placement.

How is the treatment done?
Depending on the Dental Implant to be placed, surgical procedure is performed

for placement, subsequently Oral Rehabilitation will be done later. Surgical

proceudres vary according to each case and implant used. All Dental Implants

are built under the highest quality standards, that in combination with state

of the art techniques and equipment optimize the tratment plan.

We have equipment like:
PICOTRON: Used to ionically charge implants; in order for a better adoptation

from the Dental implant to the patient.

manipulation of the patients own platelets, healing period can be reduced by

50%. Sinus gratting, Dental Implants and many oral surgerys can be combined

with this technique..
GENERAL ANESTHESIA – SEDATION SERVICES: For those patients who wish to, or

require it, this service is provided in conjunction with Dr.

Wilson Piedra,

POST SURGICAL LASER THERAPY: Laser rays application to estimulate celular

differentration and more rapid healing DIGITAL X-RAYS AND IMAGING:

Radiographic post surgical control with 90% less radiation than in

conventional x-rays. Used in all dental specialties as X-Ray resource.

Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini & Assoc

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